This Holiday Season: Maintain, Don't Gain! | by Pam Velez
19 November 2017

The holidays do not have to include gaining weight and being stressed out. Read on for some great tips on staying healthy and sane right on into the New Year.


I Woke up Scared and Anxious. Why I Feel Better | by Pam Velez
09 November 2016

With holidays quickly approaching, it is helpful to have tools available to you to combat anxiety.

stress therapy.png

Stress Much? Implement This FREE Stress Management Tool Today | by Pam Velez
28 September 2016

Some great tools/ my top tips for reducing stress immediately for free!

happy .png

Surefire Happiness | by Pam Velez
28 September 2016

There is a common thread that links all happy people, and that is gratitude. Happy people are grateful people. If you want to be happier- have gratitude.

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How to Avoid a Bad Night’s Sleep… | by Pam Velez
30 June 2016

I offer a number of tips to help you get many wonderful nights of sleep…