I woke up scared and anxious by Pam Velez

I Woke up Scared and Anxious- Why I Feel Better
I woke up at 4:50 am.  I could not fall back to sleep.  I was anxious about getting some news.  My mind raced, my belly was upset, I could not focus, and I felt nervous. It turned out the news was not great and I was shocked, scared and disappointed.  I did not want to feel sad or angry or sick to my stomach. After my initial shock, I remembered that I had tools to help me feel better.  They are simple, free tools that I will share with you to (hopefully) help you through rough times...

  1. I breathed and I sighed- a lot.   I tool deep breaths in and thorough breaths out.  Big ol’ sighs on the exhale.  A big loud exhale helps to expel hot air (anger, frustration) and an extended exhale (one longer than the inhale) helps us to get out of fight or flight mode and into a more peaceful state of mind. 
  2. I took a walk.  Everything has a frequency.  When we watch tv, look at our devices or work on a computer, we absorb some of that frequency.   When we get out in nature, we can “reboot” or “reset” our frequency back to the way it is meant to be.
  3. I made a conscious decision to be grateful.  I recently listened to a talk given by Tony Robbins and he explained that we cannot have feelings of fear at the same time we have feelings of gratitude.  (Incidentally, we cannot have feelings of anxiety or depression while we are feeling grateful either.)  As I walked, I listed and found myself being profoundly grateful for many of my blessings. 
  4. I decided to have faith, not fear.  Fear is rarely helpful.  It takes just as much energy to hope as it does to worry.  So now I hope.

With holidays quickly approaching, I hope that these tips will help you stay centered and positive.  You have options and tools to control how you feel.  I would love to hear if you have any additional tricks to deal with stress (keep it clean people, wink wink).   Please comment below. 

Published on 11/9/2016 3:58:40 PM

About Pam Velez

Pam Velez is a Registered Yoga teacher and Holistic Health Coach. After spending 10+ years in corporate America, Pam now focuses on helping organizations save money (and retain good people) by providing wellness education and lifestyle support for their employees. She presents fun, interactive, wellness workshops to corporations, women’s groups and universities.