Maintain Don't Gain by Pam Velez

Ahhh the holidays.  A time of year often associated with stress, overeating, over-committing and overspending. This year, why not make a decision to maintain, not gain?  Maintain your fitness routine, maintain your weight, and for goodness sake, maintain your sanity.  Are you thinking.. "this sounds great in theory, but how am I supposed to do it?"  Here are some ideas to help you through the holiday season:


Save your sweet indulgences for very worthy items.  I love my mom's chocolate bourbon pecan pie.  I can only imagine all the things that go into that pie that I would never normally eat.  Know what?  I don't ever feel guilty eating it.  BECAUSE, I save my self for it. I skipped all the little milky-way bars at Halloween.  I passed on the grocery store cake offered to me at a friend's birthday party.  I only eat sweet treats that are spectacular.  Save yourself for the extraordinary treats and toss aside the mediocre ones offered to you.

Maintain your fitness routine.  When we exercise we feel less guilty for indulging.  And duh, it will help your clothes fit.  Declare exercise as important, get yourself a workout buddy or find an accountability partner and get it done.  If you need to wake up early, then wake up a bit earlier.  If there is limited time because you want to spend that time with your kids, include them in your exercise.  Nerf gun wars, tag, bike rides, and swimming are just some ways to include your children.

Maintain your peace of mind.  I used to get stressed out every year over sending out holiday cards.  I needed a great picture of my family.  I needed to purchase beautiful cards.  I wanted to write something clever.  Then, the drudgery of addressing and stamping the envelopes, ugh.  I disliked the process so much.  About two years ago I thought "why am I doing this?"  It is getting in the way of me enjoying the parts of the holidays I love.  Know what I did?  I stopped sending out holiday cards.  BAM- peace of mind.  Cut out the things in your life that drain your happiness.

Imagine it is January 1st.  You wake up, easily slip on your favorite jeans and drink a cup of tea.  As you sip your tea, you think back on the fun, easy, peaceful holiday season.  This can be your reality. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Published on 11/19/2017 3:02:35 PM

About Pam Velez

Pam Velez is a Registered Yoga teacher and Holistic Health Coach. After spending 10+ years in corporate America, Pam now focuses on helping organizations save money (and retain good people) by providing wellness education and lifestyle support for their employees. She presents fun, interactive, wellness workshops to corporations, women’s groups and universities.