Lunch and Learns

Be Better Balanced’s Lunch and Learns are fun, interactive training events that take place at your location during the lunch hour.  Employees who attend bring their lunches and eat them during the training session.  A Lunch and Learn does not make more hours in the day, but it does make the best use your team’s time.

In addition to Lunch and Learns, accommodations can be made to present at corporate retreats, management meetings or after work. Contact me to discuss the best options for your organization.



  Sugar Blues

Sugar- this deliciously sweet treat is as addictive as cocaine. Defeat your sugar cravings once and for all, not through will-power but though simple actions you can start immediately. This workshop is a fun, interactive hour chock full of fascinating information. Did you know that the average American child consumes 32 teaspoons of sugar per day? Wow! Learn why sugar is so bad by understanding what it does to the body. The food industry spends billions a year on marketing and advertising- this workshop will give you the knowledge to decode clever marketing so that you understand exactly where sugar is hiding.


  Are Toxins Making You Sick and Fat? 
This is a fun, interactive discussion on what toxins are, how to avoid them and how to get rid of them. The tips offered are easy to implement and many of them are FREE! The information offered in this workshop will immediately make a positive impact on the health of your employees. Benefits seen by attendees of this workshop include: improved sleep, reduced stomach upset, less headaches, increased energy, reduced food cravings and weight loss.


  De-Mystifying Food Labels
Learn how to understand the difference between truly healthful food and the tricks used to scam you into buying unhealthy and dangerous products. Grocery stores stock healthy food items right next to poisons. Do you know how to make the best choice every time? In this workshop I will give attendees easy to apply tips to demystify food labels. Your employees will learn:
• How to feed their family the healthiest brands of their favorite foods.
• How to avoid hidden sugar
• How to avoid dangerous substances that have been linked to chronic diseases
• Easy substitutions for some favorite foods 
This is not about skipping any of our favorite foods, but rather knowing how to choose the best of all the options available.


  Eating for Energy and Optimal Health
Wouldn’t it be great to wake-up after 8 hours of sleep feeling energized, ready to exercise, focused at work and excited to take care of your family? Attendees will learn the what, how and why of eating to optimize health. It is not just about what we put in our mouth, but where we eat, what we are doing while we eat and how we eat our food.


  Be Better Balanced: Manage Stress and Priorities and Set Goals
We all get stressed. It is just a fact of life. But what if your employees understood how to remain focused at work despite the stress? What if they knew secrets to derailing stress and anxiety when it comes their way? This is a very self-reflective workshop where attendees go through exercises to learn how to best set priorities and goals. I will share relaxation tips that can be done anywhere, anytime. This class will teach attendees how to evaluate their most urgent and important priorities and how to let the less important issues go (or at least go to the back-burner).


  Eating Healthy on a Budget
Eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, your team can eat delicious, healthy food and save money! This fun, collaborative, workshop will teach how to meal plan properly, shop effectively and cook intentionally. Pam offers lots of tips to gain new perspectives on everyday tasks. Following these tips, will save attendees money while enjoying all the taste and benefits that healthy food offers.