Corporate Wellness Challenges

Weekly Wellness Challenges

Weekly Wellness Challenges! is a program that will excite, inspire and educate your employees.   

Many Americans live an unhealthy lifestyle not by choice, but because they lack the education on how to maintain a healthy routine.  Unhealthy lifestyles are a major contributing factor to the rising healthcare costs that corporations face. 

Inspire, motivate and boost morale for fitness and healthy living by participating in the Weekly Wellness Challenges!  These challenges create a supportive, positive climate of fun and camaraderie that will help your team adopt and maintain a healthy way of living. 

The 4 Weekly Wellness Challenges:

Week 1:  Hydrate

Week 2:  Defeat Sugar Cravings

Week 3:  Focus on Fitness

Week 4:  Fruits and Veggies:  More Matters

What’s Provided?

Marketing material to help you promote this program to your team.

A daily email Monday-Friday designed to motivate and educate team members about the weeks’ challenge. 

A closed Facebook group for your team, where they support and motivate one another.  I will oversee the Facebook group once per day, and will offer encouragement, motivation, support and respond to questions.  

“Score cards” or progress tracking sheets for each participating employee to keep track of their successes.

Tallying and submission of results to Human Resources at the end of each challenge. 

Additional Info…

I highly recommend weekly prizes for each challenge to keep up excitement and participation.  Prizes can have a dollar value such as gift cards, ipads and Fitbits.  Prizes can also be fun, low-dollar value prizes such as a premium parking spot, the promise of a jeans day or the gift of leaving work an hour early on a Friday afternoon.